Check Out Digital Resources

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Do I have to check out resources to read them?

Many digital resources do not need to be checked out, meaning everyone can read them at the same time—at school, home, or anywhere you have access to the Internet. Other resources can only be read by a certain number of students at one time.

To check out a title, make sure you are logged into your Backpack™ account. Then click the Checkout button when viewing details of the title.

An arrow points to the Checkout button located under the Open Now and Remove from Favorites buttons, and above the Cite button
The Open Now buttonYou do not have to check out a resource to read it. If it is available to you and you want the resource to be available to others after you close it, simply click the Open Now button to open it.

A cover image with an Out label in the lower left corner

When a resource is unavailable (meaning someone else has checked it out already), an Out label will appear on the cover image.
The Request button

You can request a checked-out title by clicking the Request button next to the cover image.

PLEASE NOTE: If the Checkout buttons aren’t visible, your school may not have enabled the option to check out or the resource might not be hosted by Mackin. If you need further assistance, ask a teacher or librarian for help.