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Searching for Digital Resources

There are many ways to search for ebooks and databases in MackinVIA. For more ways to search in MackinVIA, go to Searching through Ebooks or Searching through Databases. To skip to a subsection of this topic, choose from the links below. How do I perform a Keyword Search? How do I search by…


My librarian saved resources in MackinVIA for my class/project. Where can I find these resources? Your librarian can create collections of digital resources for you to browse and view. These collections are called groups. To find your group, log into MackinVIA and click on the Groups tab….


What are Categories? Categories provide a quick and easy way for you to find digital resources. Click the Categories tab on the left side of the screen. (Please note:  this feature must be enabled by your librarian.) Click on a Category to browse the resources in that subject. (Pictures my…