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Start New Search

After I perform a search, how do I see all the resources again? To start over after a search, either click the X next to the filter’s name on the left sidebar, choose the Clear All Filters button, or the All Resources link. Alternatively, click the MackinVIA™ logo at the top of the…

Search for Digital Resources

How do I find resources in MackinVIA™? There are four ways you can search for digital resources in MackinVIA™. Use the one that works best for you. Perform a keyword search View pre-selected Categories Filter the resources Browse the resources Once you find a resource you like, you can…


My librarian saved resources in MackinVIA for my class/project. Where can I find these resources? Your librarian can create collections of digital resources for you to browse and view. These collections are called groups. To find your group, log into MackinVIA and click on the Groups tab. Select…


What are Categories? Categories provide a quick and easy way for you to find digital resources. This feature will need to be enabled by your librarian or VIA Administrator. If your school has decided to take advantage of this feature, click the Categories link on the left side of the screen….