Download/Upgrade App

How do I get the MackinVIA™ app? The MackinVIA™ app is available on: Google Play Store iOS App Store Mac Store Microsoft Store Windows Download Amazon Appstore MackinVIA upgrades are released on a quarterly basis. For the best experience and to access new features, users should upgrade to new versions when notified. Please Note: In…

Missing Checkout or Request Buttons

Why do some resources in MackinVIA™ not have the option to check out or request? To check out or request titles, your school must have enabled the Backpack™ feature as well as the checkouts feature, you must be logged into Backpack, and the resource must be hosted by Mackin. Your MackinVIA™ may contain a variety of resources,…

Mackin-Hosted Digital Resources

Why do some resources open in programs with different features? All digital resources hosted by Mackin will open in the MackinVIA™ Reader. Some resources are hosted by other publishers, which will account for the differences in appearance and features.

If Your Digital Resource Doesn’t Open

What if the resource does not open when I click on it? Make sure you have pop-ups enabled in your browser. Try closing the window and then clicking on the title again. If that doesn’t work, please report difficulties to your librarian or teacher.

Forgot User ID and/or Password

What if I can’t remember my User ID and password? If you don’t remember your User ID and password, please ask your librarian or teacher for help.