MackinVIA App

Supported Platforms and Devices

What platforms and devices are supported? Online Browser Requirements for the 2024-2025 School Year: For the best online reading experience: Chrome: Latest version Edge: Latest version Firefox: Latest version Safari: Latest version Offline Device Compatibility for the 2024-2025 School Year: For the best offline reading experience, install the MackinVIA™ app on your mobile device. The…


Is the MackinVIA™ Reader secure? Titles are protected by a state-of-the-art encryption/decryption process, and all users are authenticated. In addition, downloaded titles are limited to one device and cannot be shared.

Offline vs. Online Reading

What is the difference between reading digital resources online and offline? Online reading is done through a web browser. The user must be connected to the Internet. Offline reading can be done when the user is not connected to the Internet. However, the resource must first be downloaded from MackinVIA™, which does require connectivity. When reading…

File Format

What file format does the MackinVIA™ Reader use? Mackin has developed a proprietary file format. We take eBook files from the publisher and put them through a process to convert them into the MackinVIA™ format.

ePub Format

Does the MackinVIA™ Reader support ePub? Only Mackin’s proprietary format is supported. Any file provided to us must first be converted. We are working to add functionality similar to ePub such as reflowable content, resizable text and customizable fonts.

Download Resources to a Different Device

I’d like to download a title to a different device. How do I do that? Mackin-hosted resources can only be downloaded to one device at a time. To download a title to a different device, open the MackinVIA app on your device and log into MackinVIA. Click/tap the Backpack icon and select Checkouts. Click/tap the cover of the downloaded title….

Download Resources to a Device

How do I download a title to my device? Mackin-hosted resources can be downloaded for offline access. To download a title to your device, open the MackinVIA app on your device and log into MackinVIA. Select the desired title and click/tap Checkout. The Download button will be available after checking out the title. Click/tap this…

Download/Upgrade App

How do I get the MackinVIA™ app? The MackinVIA™ app is available on: Google Play Store iOS App Store Mac Store Microsoft Store Windows Download Amazon Appstore MackinVIA upgrades are released on a quarterly basis. For the best experience and to access new features, users should upgrade to new versions when notified. Please Note: In…

About MackinVIA App

What can I do with the MackinVIA™ app? With the MackinVIA™ app, you can view your checkouts while online or download digital resources to your device for offline access. If you have Internet access on your device, you can also browse through your library’s digital collection and checkout more titles. Links to download the app: Google…