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What can I do with the MackinVIA™ app?

With the MackinVIA™ app, you can view your checkouts for online reading or download digital resources to your device for offline reading. If you have Internet access on your device, you can also go to your MackinVIA website to find more resources to check out.

MackinVIA app icon
Links to download the app:

Google Play App   |   iTunes App   |   Chrome Web Store   |   Mac Desktop App   |   Microsoft Store App   |   Windows App Download

Important News Regarding MackinVIA on Chromebooks

In May 2016, Google announced its intention to bring the Google Play Store to the Chrome OS platform. This means that Chromebooks with recent updates to Chrome OS version 60 and above, as well as all of the newest models of Chromebooks, can now support the installation of Android apps. This development affects the MackinVIA platform in the following ways:

  • The MackinVIA Chrome app will remain available for older models of Chromebooks that cannot install Android apps.
  • Offline reading will not be available through the MackinVIA Chrome app. A network connection is required to access materials.
  • Newer models of Chromebooks should install the MackinVIA Android app from the Google Play Store.
  • Offline reading is available through the MackinVIA Android app.

Click here for helpful information about which Chromebook models currently support Android apps. Click here to read the original announcement from Google. Click here for additional information for education administrators about Chrome OS version 60.

Mackin’s development teams have spent a significant amount of time researching possible solutions and other options to support older versions of Chromebooks. In our research, we have not been able to find a solution for offline reading. The local file system on Chromebooks with older architecture is inaccessible to our application. We apologize for this inconvenience, and we will continue to look for a solution to work around the issues with older Chromebooks.

Log into MackinVIA App

To log into the MackinVIA app, you will need to create a Backpack™ inside your school’s MackinVIA website. If you have a MackinVIA Backpack, log into the app with your Backpack User ID and password after selecting your school name.

Login screen for MackinVIA, with fields for School, User ID, and Password. A Login button is at the bottom of the form.

If you don’t have a Backpack, go online and log into your school’s MackinVIA website. You will receive your school’s User ID, password, and the Internet address for the login page from your teacher or librarian. Once you’ve done that, click the Login button above the Backpack icon.

The Login button inside of MackinVIA website is located above the backpack icon, between the Help and Exit buttons

Then click Register.

Skip the Login fields and click the Register button at the bottom of the form beneath the Login and Cancel buttons.

Once you’ve completed the registration, you can return to the app and log in with your new Backpack User Name and password.

The Register form with fields for User Name (required), Password (required), Confirm Password (required), Notification Email, First Name, Last Name. Click the Save button. Optional Cancel and Login buttons.

After logging into the app, you will be able to see all of your digital resources currently stored in the cloud as well as those you downloaded to the device you’re using (if you are online. If you do not have Internet access, you will only be able to view the resources downloaded to your current device.)

The Checkouts screen featuring two digital resources, Draw the Dark and Feed. Due Dates are listed under the resources, along with buttons for Move Online, Renew, Download, and Return