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Export and Print Your Notes

With MackinVIA, you can export and print your notes so that they can be saved and accessed outside of your Backpack account. Please note: notes can be exported to Google Drive and OneDrive. For more information on using and taking notes in MackinVIA, go to Notebook. To skip to a subsection of…


How do I save notes and highlights about a resource? Your Notebook allows you to save notes and highlights about digital resources. (Please Note: You must be logged into your Backpack to use this feature.) From your Notebook, you can: View, edit, and delete your notes Search your notes Sort…

Labels on Cover Images

What do the labels next to the cover images mean?  indicates there are no available copies of the title. means the title is checked out to you.  means you have requested the title. A notification will display next to your Backpack when the requested title becomes available.

Favorites vs. Notebook vs. Checkouts vs. Requests

What is the difference between my Favorites, Notebook, Checkouts and Requests? Favorites is a place to save titles for future reading. Notebook is where you can view all the notes you’ve written about titles. Checkouts is where you can see a list of titles you currently have checked out…