MackinVIA Reader – Digital Audiobooks

How do I use the MackinVIA Reader to listen to digital audiobooks?

Mackin-hosted digital audiobooks will open in the MackinVIA Reader. While in the Reader, you can:

  • View book information
  • Access a linked list of tracks
  • Bookmark tracks
  • Rewind 30 seconds
  • Skip or pause tracks
  • Cite sources

Main Menu

Click on the three lines in the upper left corner to open the main menu.

The main menu contains:

  • Close Book/Back to MackinVIA: Close the book and return to MackinVIA.
  • Notebook: View a list of your bookmarks. Select an entry to be taken to that location in the book.
  • Table of Contents: Access the track listing. Select a track to be taken to that location in the book.
  • Book Info: View book information including title, author, publisher, date of publication, and audio length.
  • Citations: View a bibliographic citation of the book.

Audio Features

There are several audio features available in the Reader. These features include:

  • Play/Pause Button: Play or pause the track.
  • Forward Button: Skip to the next track.
  • Back Button: Skip to the start of the track or the previous track.
  • Rewind Button: Rewind 30 seconds.
  • Fast Forward Button: Move forward 30 seconds.
  • Playback Speed Button:  Change the playback speed. (Available in select devices.)


To add a bookmark to a track, click on the bookmark icon. Your bookmark will be saved to your Notebook within the title.

To view your saved bookmarks, click on the Notebook icon in the upper right corner or access your Notebook from the main menu. Select an entry to be taken to that location in the book.

When you are finished with the book, select Close Book/Back to MackinVIA from the main menu to return to MackinVIA.