Searching Through Databases

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How do I quickly search through databases in MackinVIA to find articles on a specific topic?

Searching through participating databases is easy with Deep Discovery Search.

To begin your Deep Discovery Search, select Databases on the left-hand menu,

Then, search for your topic. In this example, the search topic is “Bunker Hill”.

MackinVIA will display a list of databases that contain your search topic. For this example, there are 18 MackinVIA databases that contain the above search topic. MackinVIA also found 165 articles relating to “Bunker Hill” in the first database, below.

Select Show Results to view a list of all of the articles that match your search topic within that database.

Finally, select the article’s title to be brought to the full text of that article within the database. Please Note: some databases will require you to login before you can access that article.

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