Print Your Notes

Print Topic

How do I print the notes I make about a resource?

You can print your notes and highlights by first logging into MackinVIA, clicking the Backpack icon, and choosing Notebook.

The Backpack Options. The Notebook button is located beneath Favorites, and above Checkouts and Requests

From there, click on the resource’s title or cover image. This will open up the More Info section for that title, where you will see your notes and highlights. You will want to click on the Print Notes button.

An arrow points to the "Print Notes" button next to a digital resource. "Print Notes" is located beneath "Open Now," "Remove from Favorites," "Checkout," and "Cite" buttons

This opens up a new page with your notes and highlights in a printer-friendly format. There is a Print button in the top left corner of the page. You can also copy the content of the page and paste it into another program, such as a Word document.

The "Print" button at the top is circled. Beneath is information about a digital resource and the Notebook Entries for that resource.

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