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Log Out of MackinVIA

Do I need to log out of MackinVIA™ when I’m done? Yes, please log out of MackinVIA™ each time you are finished. This prevents others from using your school’s MackinVIA website without permission.

Log into MackinVIA Website and App

Log into MackinVIA to view and interact with the digital resources owned by your school. Your teacher or librarian will provide you with a User ID and Password. You can use MackinVIA on any desktop, laptop, or mobile device with Internet access. If you would like to download titles to read offline, our free MackinVIA…

Forgot User ID and/or Password

What if I can’t remember my User ID and password? If you don’t remember your User ID and password, please ask your librarian or teacher for help.

Change Number of Results Displayed

How do I change the number of resources I see in MackinVIA™? Click the arrow next to Results/Page. You may choose to display up to 60 digital resources at a time.