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What is the MackinVIA™ Reader?

The MackinVIA™ Reader is a cross-platform application that allows you to read Mackin-hosted titles in MackinVIA. Besides flipping pages in the Reader, you can view a linked table of contents and thumbnails, access information about the digital resource, bookmark pages, search through the text, write notes, cite sources, access a dictionary, zoom in/out, change the page view, pan around the page and close the resource when you’re finished.

Resources hosted by Mackin will open in the MackinVIA Reader when you choose the Open Now button or tap on a resource inside your Checkouts on the app. Only Mackin-hosted titles are viewable and/or downloadable in the MackinVIA Reader. Your school may also own digital resources hosted on other platforms.

Features of the MackinVIA Reader

Main Menu

The MackinVIA Reader has a main menu in the upper right corner.

Main menu options in MackinVIA include a notebook icon, a book icon for citations, and a search icon

It contains:

  • Notebook button, to view the list of your bookmarks, highlights and notes. Each entry is linked to its exact location in the resource.
  • A Citation button, to view a bibliographic citation of the resource, provided by EasyBib.
  • A Search button, to find a term inside the resource.

Highlight Passages of Text

When a passage is selected in a resource, a highlight menu appears.

Highlighted passage and highlight menu








The highlight menu contains:

  • A variety of highlight colors

A highlight menu featuring many different colors and icons



  • An Underline button The Underline icon
  • A Delete button, which cancels the selection of the passage The Delete icon
  • An Add Note button, which associates a note with the passage The Add Note icon
  •  An Options button The Options icon
  • Text Selection Pins, which allow for expanding or shrinking the selected passage The Text Selection Pins

Highlight Terms

When a term is selected in the resource, an Options menu appears.

The Options menu appears above a highlighted word of text





The Options menu contains several buttons, including:

  • Read, which will prompt the text-to-speech feature The Read button
  • Highlight, to alter the highlight color of the selected term The Highlight button
  • Add Note, which allows a note to be associated with the selected term The Add Note button
  • Search, to find more instances of the selected term inside the resource The Search button
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