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My teacher saved some resources in MackinVIA™ for my group/class. Where can I find this?

Your teacher or librarian can create collections of digital resources for you to browse. These can be found in Groups.

Log into your school’s MackinVIA™ to find the your Groups. You will receive your school’s User ID, password, and the Internet address for the login page from your teacher or librarian.

The MackinVIA login screen includes fields for School, User ID, and Password. Underneath are two buttons: "Administrator?" and "Login"

Once you’re logged in, click the Groups link on the left sidebar.

The Groups button in the sidebar is located between the All Resources and Categories buttons

Select the name of the Group. Ask your teacher or librarian if you’re unsure of the Group’s name.

The Groups screen featuring two example Groups, Mr. Anderson's Space/NASA Unit (12 titles) and Mrs. Johnson's Class (26 titles)

Some teachers may include instructions inside their Group. View your teacher’s instructions by clicking or tapping the collapsible View Instructions bar once you’ve clicked on the appropriate Group.

The View Instructions button is located under the Group Title, above the list of resources themselves

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