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Searching Through eBooks

How do I quickly search through eBooks in MackinVIA to find titles on a specific topic? Searching through eBooks is easy with Deep Discovery Search. Select eBooks and type a word or a phrase in the search box. For example: “Pearl Harbor”. Click the search button or press Enter. Our system…

Download Resources to a Different Device

I’d like to download a title to a different device. How do I do that? The system restricts downloaded titles to one device. So, you first need to return the title back to the cloud, essentially removing it from your device. To do that, open the app and click the Move Online button next to…

Download Resources to a Device

How do I download a title to my device? Once a title is checked out to you, you can easily download it to your device for offline reading inside the app. Look for the Download button next to each resource in your list of Checkouts.

Search for Digital Resources

How do I find resources in MackinVIA™? There are four ways you can search for digital resources in MackinVIA™. Use the one that works best for you. Perform a keyword search View pre-selected Categories Filter the resources Browse the resources Once you find a resource you like, you can…