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My teacher saved some resources in MackinVIA™ for my group/class. Where can I find this? Your teacher or librarian can create collections of digital resources for you to browse. These can be found in Groups. Log into your school’s MackinVIA™ to find the your Groups. You will receive…

Backpack Accounts

What is a Backpack™? Backpack™ accounts help you store and manage your digital resources. With a Backpack, you can save your favorite resources in one place, check out, request, and store notes about Mackin-hosted resources. PLEASE NOTE: You will need to create a Backpack account to begin…

Why You Need a Password

Why do I have to enter a MackinVIA™ password? MackinVIA™ is password protected to make sure only people with permission (such as staff, students, and parents) can view your school’s digital resources.

Log Out of MackinVIA

Do I need to log out of MackinVIA™ when I’m done? Yes, please log out of MackinVIA™ each time you are finished. This prevents others from using your school’s MackinVIA website without permission.

Log into MackinVIA Website and App

One User ID and password is all you need to get started with your school’s MackinVIA website. You can use MackinVIA on any device that has Internet access. You need to create a different User ID and password to log into the free MackinVIA app, which you can access whether or not you have…